A Beginner's Guide to the Steel Construction Manual, 14th ed.

Chapter 4 - Bolted Connections

2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 T. Bartlett Quimby


Mechanics of Load Transfer

Finding Forces on Bolts

Hole Size and Bolt Spacing

Tensile Rupture

Shear Rupture

Slip Capacity

Chapter Summary

Example Problems

Homework Problems


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Section 4.9

Example Problems

The example problems presented in this section refer to drawings that are located in the drawing files for this chapter.  There is also a spreadsheet solution to the example problems.  You can click on these links to get the files:

Chapter 4:   Excel Spreadsheet Solutions

Example Problem 4.1:  This problem investigates the capacity of bolts in a lap splice connection.

Example Problem 4.2:  The capacity of bolts in a splice connection is computed in this problem. This problem is a good introduction into typical splice plate bolted connections.

Example Problem 4.3:  This typical brace to beam connection the bolts experience both tension and shear forces. The capacity is determined for both slip and bearing capacities.

Example Problem 4.4:  The connection investigated has eccentricity is in the plane of the faying surface. The bolts are all in shear.

Example Problem 4.5:  This eccentrically loaded bolted connection has eccentricity normal to the faying surface. The bolts have combined shear and tension.

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