A Beginner's Guide to Structural Engineering

Homework/Example Problem Structures

2007 T. Bartlett Quimby

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The House

The Drawings

The PDF drawing set consists of 11"x17" drawings.  They print well on 8.1/2"x11" paper as well. 

Figure HSE-1 shows images of the building that will be designed in the homework problems. 

Figure HSE-1
House Images
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This two story house is under construction at the time of this writing (Aug 2007).  It replaces a home that was destroyed by fire in April 2007.

This particular house was chosen for the design set because it provides some simple problems for load computations and for timber design.  There are also quite a few pictures available to show how certain details were implemented.  The house is located in the town of Eagle River, Alaska and is subject to moderately heavy snow loads, wind loads and seismic loads. The building is also not a simple box, but still not too complex to confuse the beginning engineer.