A Beginner's Guide to Structural Mechanics/Analysis

Continuous Beam Analysis

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Section CB.6

Homework Problems

Last Revised: 08/02/2008

Problem CB.1:  The five span beam shown in Figure CB6.1 is geometrically symmetric and has a constant EI.   Assume that the beams are three times stiffer than each of the columns.  All spans are subjected to a uniformly distributed load of 2.5 k/ft.  Draw the shear and moment diagrams for the beam.

Figure CB6.1
Five Span Beam


Problem CB.2:  A four span continuous beam is simply supported.  The span lengths and applied uniformly distributed loads are given below.  Assume a constant EI for the beam.  Draw the moment envelope assuming that the live load is uniquely placed so as to cause maximum effect for each location on the beam.

Span Length Dead Load Live Load
1 5 m 10 kN/m 8 kN/m
2 4 m 12 kN/m 10 kN/m
3 6 m 12 kN/m 10 kN/m
4 5 m 10 kN/m 8 kN/m