A Beginner's Guide to the Steel Construction Manual, 14th ed.

Chapter 8 - Bending Members

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Section 8.3

Beam Shear

Last Revised: 07/30/2011

Beam shear strength must be provided to resist the anticipated applied beam shears.  In steel members, the elements of the cross section that resist shear may be very slender.  As a result the shear elements may be subject to the normal ranges of the buckling curve, including plastic, inelastic buckling, and elastic buckling behaviors.

Shear strength of slender plates can be enhanced with the addition of web stiffeners that prevent out of plane buckling.  The stiffener plates add out-of-plane moment of inertia to resist buckling deflection in that direction.

SCM chapter G provides means for computing the shear strength of steel members.  The following sections describe the strength behavior of steel members subject to shear as well as the SCM provisions for computing shear strength.

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