A Beginner's Guide to the Steel Construction Manual, 14th ed.

Chapter 8 - Bending Members

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Section 8.6

Beam Design

Last Revised: 07/30/2011

The process of designing beams involves the selection of the steel and section to be used as well as the design of the connection of the beam to the rest of the structure.  In some cases, the strength and stiffness of the beam section can be enhanced by the proper attachment of additional steel plates to the member.

In this section of the text you are introduced to common methods for selecting economical sections for use in beam applications.  You will also learn how to strengthen beams by adding cover plates, add bearing stiffeners to enhance load transfer strength at points of concentrated loads, and design bearing plates to transfer compressive reactions to concrete or masonry.

Additionally, issues relating to analyzing continuous beams and the selection of section for continuous beam applications are discussed.

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