A Beginner's Guide to the Steel Construction Manual, 14th ed.

Chapter 7 - Concentrically Loaded Compression Members

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Slenderness Limit State

Limit State of Flexural Buckling for Compact and Non-compact Sections

Limit State of Flexural Buckling for Slender Sections

Limit State of Bolt Bearing on Holes

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Section 7.5

Limit State of Bolt Bearing on Holes

Last Revised: 11/04/2014

This is the same limit state that we considered when discussing bolt bearing on tension members.

The only difference being that the direction of bearing has been reversed.  This means that "Lc" is close to the full length of the members in most cases!  Consequently, only the hole deformation part of the limit state is considered.

It may be useful for you to review the section on bolt bearing in Chapter 3.  Click here to go to that section. 

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