A Beginner's Guide to ASCE 7-10

by T. Bart Quimby, P.E., Ph.D.

2012 T. Bartlett Quimby


The Beginner's Guide to Structural Engineering



1. General Information
2.  Combinations of Loads
3. D:  Dead Loads
4. H:  Soils Loads & Hydrostatic Pressure
5.  L:  Live Loads
6. Fa: Flood Loads
7. W: Wind Loads
8. S: Snow Loads
9.  R: Rain Loads
10. Di & Wi: Ice Loads
11.  E: Seismic Loads

Latest News

28 August 2012
We are starting with a section on ASCE 7-10.  Much of this will be accomplished in the later part of 2012.  Check back often for additional sections.